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Virginia Kiss


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Discovered when she and her mum walked into the offices of IMG London last year, Virginia Kiss was signed on the spot – and that’s saying something! With an exotic mix of Bolivian and Hungarian heritage, this girl is a stone cold head turner. Having just spent 3 months working in Singapore, Virginia’s skills are finely honed and she’s ready to be unleashed on the major markets – and with only polaroids available at the moment, she’s already holding options with some major players. Watch out for this Kiss!

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 176 cm / 5’9.5″

Bust: 81 cm / 32″

Waist: 60 cm / 23.5″

Hips: 89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin: Hungary

Date of Birth: June 28

Mother Agency: IMG London

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Misty Dreams

photography: Joanna Kustra

post-17334-0-1446086709-30146_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086709-63766_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086709-89762_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-21696_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-23843_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-25858_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-27963_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-30274_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-31844_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-33018_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-34706_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-37689_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-40713_thumb.jpg post-17334-0-1446086710-44486_thumb.jpg

photography: Joanna Kustra

make-up: Yuka Hirata using Shu Uemura

hair: Magdalena Tucholska using JOICO®

fashion styling: Sharpay Tang

model: Virginia Kiss @ IMG Models

photo assistant & video director: Tamas Olajos

stylist's assistant: Xinyi Guo

location: 1_14 Studio

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