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Julia Dunstall - BlueEyed Blonde Babe with such shapely legs!


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This might be a difficult one to name (hope not!), any information related is so very appreciated!

Modeling for Dolce & Gabbana at Neiman Marcus website:

post-59118-1333992368_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992337_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992361_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992353_thumb.jpg

Modeling for Theory at Bloomingdales website:

post-59118-1333992621_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992639_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992663_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992681_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992703_thumb.jpg

(some closer shots of her graceful smile - same source)

post-59118-1333992795_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992807_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992823_thumb.jpg

Modeling for Juicy Couture's website:

post-59118-1333992884_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992894_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992904_thumb.jpg

Modeling for Macy's website:

post-59118-1333993006_thumb.jpg post-59118-1333992957_thumb.jpg

Thanks so much!


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