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Is portfoliopad.com an image hosting site? if not, you need to go through all your posts and upload them onto an image host b/c you are not allow to hotlink on BZ. Thanks!


portliopad is an industry hosting site in which agencies store models pictures. its also a way of booking models. half these models don't model anymore and i am giving people the opportunity to access images they wouldn't necessarily without their id codes.

almost every model who is signed to an agency who uses it has these links in there thread. go to to the mdoels section and search portfoliopad and watch how many threads have it. how can you be an admin and not recognize that this is being done on a daily basis in this forum????

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^ First of all, I was not trying to attack or accuse you of anything. Hence why I inquired to get a better understanding. I am sorry if you felt that way. Second, like every staff member here, I do the best I can with managing this forum while juggling a career, personal life and other responsibilities & obligations. I am just human and there is only so much I can do. I cannot go through every single post and catch everything. Nonetheless I do whatever I can. BZ is something I do as a hobby. I get no compensation but knowing I am contributing.

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