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Rebecca Romijn

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Rebecca Romijn was a popular model of the 1990s, perhaps being one small notch below the extra-super status of models like Claudia Schiffer or Linda Evangelista. Romijn-Stamos gained early fame for appearing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and Victoria's Secret catalogs. As the century turned she ventured into the movies: in 2000 she played blue-skinned superheroine Mystique in the movie X-Men (co-starring with Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry) and in 2002 she starred in the sci-fi remake Rollerball. She married actor John Stamos, former star of the TV show Full House, in 1998; the couple announced their separation in April of 2004. Romijn's other films include Femme Fatale (2002) and X2: X-Men United (2003).

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I'm happy to announce that I've the Femme Fatale DVD since friday!

Unfortunately she doesn't do modelling, not even editorials recently..

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