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Model Families


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there are a lot of sisters in modeling. partly because "if it worked once... it will work again"

Donna Feldman was discovered because her sister was a model

Anahi Gonzalez & Alejandra Gonzalez Daly are sisters. Alejandra is way too short to have ever been discovered on her own.

Diana & Simone Villas Boas

Adriane & Aida Artilles

Kate & Karen Elson are fraternal twins. Kate had a good career but Karen became the supermodel.

TLV1.jpg hombres_gq_peru_2012_383222027_600x.jpg 5929921.jpg
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On 30/6/2015 at 4:36 PM, tigerlilytaylorfans said:

Deborah Leng and daughter Tigerlily Taylor (Tigerlily has a tread here):


And also Tigerlily's younger sister Lola (who has a tread here) C, and their older half-sister Rory (L), who is a doctor/nurse but also did model with them in the Tatler's Watches and Jewellery supplement, from the July 2015 issue of Tatler magazine:


Tigerlily and her auntie Jade Parfitt. Jade Parfitt was once married (or dating) Toby Burgess, Deborah Leng's brother:

th_2015.07.09%20-%20kiehls%20pioneers%20 th_2015.07.09%20-%20kiehls%20pioneers%20 th_2015.07.09%20-%20kiehls%20pioneers%20


Tigerlily's boyfriend is also a model himself, also at Select Model Management agency, Henry Pedro-Wright:



His younger sister, Rose Sade Pedro-Wright is a curve model: https://instagram.com/rosepedrowright/


Also, Tigerlily's older brother, drummer Rufus Taylor, is dating model (and once Victoria's Secret Angel) Jessica Clarke: http://www.clynemodels.com/portfolios/jessica-clarkehttp://models.com/models/jessica-clarke


So here we have a HUGE family!! :D

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