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Moa Hedström

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Height: 174

Bust: 80

Waist: 62

Hips: 88

Size: 34

Shoes: 39/40

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Location: Karlstad

I saw her last name the other day and I forgot what it was!

She is development at Nisch Management.

I saw her on My's tumblr and thought she was gorgeous!

both of these pics are from her tumblr

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I'm not going to lie, I prefer her with a head of hair. :laugh: But there is no denying her look is high fashion. Her cheekbones are to die for.. So to speak. :wub:

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^ I like her both ways, but her agency are the ones that make her shave her head. Moa herself said she prefers hair but she has to do what she's told right now :)

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Her name is Moa Hedström

Publication: Bon Magazine

Issue: #59 Winter 2011

Title: Angels In Chains

Models: Hedvig Palm, Sara Blomqvist‎,

Moa Hedström, and Hanna Svensson

Photography: Marcus Ohlsson

Styling: Naomi Itkes

image.jpg Hedvig_Palm_Sara_Blomqvist_Moa_Hedstr_m_Han.jpg Hedvig_Palm_Sara_Blomqvist_Moa_Hedstr_m_Hanna_Sv.jpg

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Featured on Models.com as a Daily Duo.

Although nothing compares to Moa from Karlstad, Sweden, Sinead O’Connor rocked the shaven head look way back in the day. But everything old is new again! Scouted online by the fashion editor of Rodeo magazine, Moa was quickly signed with Nisch Management, and has already featured in Elle Sweden with Andreas Sjödin and Robert Ryberg, as well as Bon Magazine with Marcus Ohlsson and Naomi Itkes. So that’s the three most important magazines in Sweden, all booked within the first three weeks of Moa’s modelling career. Blessed with a fabulous personality to go along with the full on look, Moa is extreme and yet classical beautiful.

Place of Origin: Karlstad, Sweden

Date of Birth: October 8

11740529_01_111212_SVE_032.jpg 11740530_04_111212_SVE_070.jpg 11740531_08_111212_SVE_023.jpg 11740532_04_111212_SVE_035.jpg

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