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Samuel Larsen


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He's musician, actor...

I stumbled upon a pic of this guy on a tumblr, didn't know him before and immediately :heart: Why is he so young tough?! pffff! :brows:

This guy could be a model! I like a lot his style !


Age: 20

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Birthday: August 28, 1991

Address: Los Angeles, California

Occupation(s): Musician

Aliases: Sam

Interests: Plays guitar, drums, bass and piano.

Talent: Singing, Dancing

Acting Vulnerabilities: Being Rejected

Strengths: Rock Songs

I found some infos about him (http://glee.wikia.com/wiki/Samuel_Larsen)

Samuel Peter Acosta Larsen (b. August 28, 1991) is one of the two winners of The Glee Project along with co-star Damian McGinty. He was born in San Francisco and started playing the drums at the age of 2, playing with various artists throughout his adolescence. At the age of 12, he started to play the bass, progressed to guitar, and at 16, he began to sing. A few months shy of turning 17, he moved to Southern California, where he sang in a local band for 3 years. Towards the end of his time in a band, he began recording songs on his own, performing all of the instruments and vocals. Larsen is in a band called Bridges I Burn, and also performs as a solo artist, writing and performing his own music. His Glee character will probably be introduced in episode 10 or 11 and will be a relative of Puck (Mark Salling). Source The character he will play will be a christian character whom most will not suspect to be christian at first.

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