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Alica Kalk


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Made a topic for her at the Fashion Spot awhile ago, then today she is featured on models.com

Thought it was time she had a topic here too. :wub:

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 176cm / 5'9"

Bust: 77 cm / 30"

Waist: 62 cm / 24.5"

Hips: 89 cm / 35"

Place of Origin: Hamburg, Germany

Date of Birth: August 4

Agencies: NFace Management, Oui Management


With her exaggerated and extraordinary features, Alica isn’t a girl you forget. Scouted in the city centre of Hamburg in August, it will be another year in development until Alica is ready to go full force. Soon in Paris for testing, you won’t be seeing much of Alica just yet, but expect her to burst onto the scene late in 2012.
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Do you remember this young lady? Surely you do, who could forget the unique face belonging to previously featured Alica Kalk? She just landed in Paris with the mission to strenghten her (already quite enjoyable) book well implemented by Oui Management and everybody there is obsessing about the German rookie with the unforgettably stunning looks. Alica was spoilt by some proper digital treatment the other day and I had hard time to pick out the best snaps from the set because she is flawless on each of them. Plucked off from Hamburg's streets via Nface Management, Alica has got this particular beauty with a really serene and classical attitude attached to it.

post-43321-0-1446064549-52555_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446064549-54556_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446064549-56642_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446064549-57681_thumb.jpg

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btw: I did an interview with her mother agent who is a former model and a very lovely person

MM: First of all, thank you for taking time to answer my questions! I’m really curious about gaining some information on your work as a Mother Agent and former Model. Before asking anything else, I was glad to find out if you have/had any helpers initiating your own business or do/did you do it all by yourself?

SL: Everything I do I do on my own. I wouldnt enjoy to hire someone working for me. All you need to advance your idea of business successfully (no matter what) is strong discipline and of course an amount of money …

MM: ……How does your business idea behind Nface Management look like?

SL: Nface Management is a boutique management which means that I limit the amount of Models that I represent to be able to provide each with a true development and individual career plan. Even the best girl can get lost if a board is too big I think. Girls that I sign in are usually not older than 16years and get to work exclusively international, that is where the real magic happens, therefor I develop them in cooperation with agencies in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo.

MM: As not everyone of us actually knows what the management of models really consists of, would you be so kind to give as a quick insight into your daily working schedule?

SL: Basically as a Mother Agent I dont live a daily working schedule compared to Modelbookers who sit in office 8 hours a day. If I have a busy week I find myself doing the same but usually if the weather is nice I love being outside going for walks and scout. As my girls are underage a part of my job is also to accompany them on their trips abroad to give advice and support. I also spend a lot of my Sunday afternoons meeting their parents to talk about their daughters next steps.

MM: On your website you describe Nface Management as “[…]a boutique fashion Management with basement in Hamburg Germany and focus on street scouting, international placement and true development of female New Faces[…]“ How did you get in contact with the international agencies ? And wasnt it hard as a new agent to start a cooperation with such prestigious agency networks like IMG Models Worldwide?

SL: I was lucky I know a lot of people working in the industry from the past. But of course it is all about the right networking and meeting the right people. To me the most important is that I follow my personal taste when it comes to scouting a new girl and agencies will love it or not. If you understand the trend and prepare your Models with some natural Testshots in a high quality every agency will be keen to start a cooperation with you I guess.

MM: As you worked as a model yourself, do you think that your approach to the industry is more sensitive compared to others?

SL: Not sensitive but more precise. Everything that happens to the girls during their development is what I experienced myself so I always know exactly how they feel and I learn from that too.

MM: Have you always been interested in working in this industry and if so, would you have guessed founding your own agency if you had not been modeling yourself?

SL: No I would live and think in a complete different way.

MM: I I want to come to my last question: Since there’s such a hype around TV-shows like the one that is already at its 7th season (we don’t want to name the obvious), do you feel that girls who want to apply for your agency constantly need to be disenchanted concerning a real model’s life?

SL: Of course not! She rather brings the right looks and the nosiness for something new. The rest will follow naturally…

MM: Once again, thanks a lot for your time!


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