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Izabel Goulart

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I also feel like she looks like Alessandra too much especially in that new commercial where they're pouring water on themselves.

I agree. I think she does look very, very similiar to Ale. The TV show Inside Edition did a segment on Izabel and Selita before the first airing of the fashion show featuring the two of them as the new angels, and they were showing footage of Alessandra and saying that it was Izabel.

I do think Izabel is a pretty girl though just nothing to rave about. She does seem to have a pleasant personality though. I wouldn't be surprised if VS stuck her in the diamond bra next year because she has the personality to go on talk shows and promote it if need be. I think they'll either give it to her or give it to Karolina again. I'd like to see Lima get it, but I've given up on that hope.

I agree with you on every word. She does seem to have a great personality but looks wise I'm just not feeling her and yes she looks so much like Ale. I hadn't thought about the fact that Adriana hasnt been in the million dollar bra till you said that. Adriana should definately get it next year.

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The people who don't like her face generally are Ale fans. Trust me a lot of people on other sites were asking who she was when she did the VS show.

She's beautiful. I love Iza and I love this pic. It's what first made me notice her.

exactly ! Ale fans .. hunft <_<

thank you liv4veauty, i never seen this scan before ! :hug:

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