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Lenka Hanakova

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by ph. Norbert Kniat for 1st Magazine :wave:

November 2011

Production: Georg Khittl

Styling: Yoan Gonfond

Hair & Make-up: Christopher Koller

post-40776-1322776951_thumb.jpg post-40776-1322776968_thumb.jpg post-40776-1322776976_thumb.jpg post-40776-1322776987_thumb.jpg post-40776-1322776999_thumb.jpg post-40776-1322777008_thumb.jpg


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Woman Living Austria

Strange Confession| Lenka Hanakova by Susanne Stemmer for Women Living November 2011!

Publication: Women Living

Issue: November 2011

Title: Strange Confession

Model: Lenka Hanakova

Photography: Susanne Stemmer

Hair & Make-up: Birgit Fuchs





source; next company




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^ who's the other model? :wave:

She was one of my favorites in the competition. She is so pretty and seems really sweet :blush:

x2 :) I wish she won, apparently she placed 2nd?

I really hope to see her in the fall fashion week coming up :heart:

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And the results are in! THIRD: Lieve from Chile; SECOND: Lenka from the Czech Republic; FIRST: Julia from Sweden, who smiles and is embraced by all the returning top models, from whom she is already inseparable. It’s a competition, but all the other girls conquer their emotions and rush to the stage to congratulate the winner.

from elitmodellook

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She says:

I’m happy and excited, but also sad for the other girls. I hope to see them all again, but we live so far apart, so I don’t know. I’ve had so much fun during the contest and I liked going to the Pearl Tower most. Of course I’m surprised that I got this far, and I’m in my last year of school so I have to finish that first, but then I hope to spend my time travelling and being a model.


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