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New from Y Models in Cape Town and just shot the Prada Resort lookbook.

5'10" / 31.5"-25-34.5"

Agencies: Y Models & IMG


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Marie Claire South Africa December 2011

Prairie Spirit

Photographer: Ulrich Knoblauch

Stylist: Leila Petersen Gallant

Hair: Jeanette Genis

Make-Up: Algria Ferreira

Marie_Claire_South_Africa_2011_12_dragged_15.jpg Marie_Claire_South_Africa_2011_12_dragged_16.jpg Marie_Claire_South_Africa_2011_12_dragged_17.jpg Marie_Claire_South_Africa_2011_12_dragged_18.jpg

Marie_Claire_South_Africa_2011_12_dragged_19.jpg Marie_Claire_South_Africa_2011_12_dragged_20.jpg Marie_Claire_South_Africa_2011_12_dragged_21.jpg Marie_Claire_South_Africa_2011_12_dragged_22.jpg

worldmags, originally posted by visualoptimism

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Jalouse December/January 11.12

Block Beauty

Photographer: Bjarne Jonasson

Stylist: Jennifer Eymere

Hair And Make-Up: Sergio Corvacho

post-43321-0-1446093775-84817_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446093775-85625_thumb.jpg

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