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  • Alrighty! Hi! I've done this before and had a lot of success so hopefully it'll work again.
    The girl below is from a Beth Studenberg shoot for Alyssa Pizer Management. I've been looking for ages and I cannot find her name. If you know it please, please, please let me know. <333
    The rest of the first shoot is here:
And the rest of the second shoot is here:
Other potentially helpful links are:
Beth Studenberg's site: http://www.bethstudenberg.com/
Alyssa Pizer Management's site: http://www.alyssapizer.com/
Beth Studenberg's wordpress: http://bethstudenberg.wordpress.com/



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  • Good suggestion!
    Unfortunately I've looked at quite a few model sites and haven't found her yet. That or I'm really bad at figuring out what she looks like from different angels. Who knows.
    Any other suggestions / if someone knows her name that would be great?
    And thank you for replying. <3

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