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Milo Spijkers

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d1 Model Management

Mother agency: New Models Agency




186cm (6’1″)

Place of Origin:


Ethnic Origin:




How discovered:

I was partying in Antwerp when a scout from New Models approached me and asked me if I was interested in modeling.

Favorite things:

Music, theatre, movies and my friends!

Favorite music, band:

This is a difficult one. I listen to many different kinds of music depending on my mood. I love oldskool hip hop like (N.W.A, Ice Cube, Notorious B.I.G.) just to chill out with my friends. But I also love older music like Frank Zappa and The Doors (I discovered those because of my dad). For partying I probably prefer drum & bass or house music.


Playing soccer on the street with my friends.

Favorite piece of clothing:

I have a baseball jacket which I love!

What’s your idea of fun?

As long as I’m with my friends we can have fun anywhere, anytime.

Favorite modeling experience so far?

Definitely shooting the Topman campaign. It was very cold outside but everyone was so nice! They gave me tons of blankets, warm water bottles and even these little bags we had to put in our shoes so our feet would stay warm. Everything was just very proffesional, I never saw that many people at a shoot. I felt very satisfied that evening.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?

Probably the beer and the chocolate. Belgium is known for these two.

Favorite artist (any kind):

I would say David Lynch at the moment, his craziness fascinates me.

Place you would love to visit:

New York, Tokyo and Colombia – I’ve been in Colombia before, my uncle lives there, but I would love to go back. It’s a very beautiful country and I have great memories from that trip.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:

Twin Peaks, I just can’t stop watching this!

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Wonderland Magazine

On the Beach (also w/ models Rosanne de Vos, Josefien Rodermans, Levi Brown)

client: Wonderland Magazine

source: wonderlandmagazine.com

published: June 2011

Laurence Ellis - Photographer

Abigail Sutton - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Kenichi - Hair Stylist

Natsumi Watanabe - Makeup Artist


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Dazed & Confused

Vivienne Westwood Man and Less is More

client: Dazed & Confused

source: d1models.blogspot.com

published: April 2011

David Hughes - Photographer

Robbie Spencer - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Naoki Komiya - Hair Stylist

Gemma Smith-Edhouse - Makeup Artist

Vincent Olivieri - Prop Stylist


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F/Homme #2 - Fall / Winter 2011

Model Milo Spijkers

Ph Sebastian Troncoso

St Marc Pina

Currently seen in Lanvin's FW11 campaign, Milo Spijkers is captured by Sebastian Troncoso and styled by Marc Pina in this black and white seaside shoot for Fiasco Homme's second issue.


Click link for full spread


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