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Johanna Grönholm


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Height: 177

Bust: 83

Waist: 63

Hips: 89

Size: 36

Shoes: 39

Hair: light brown

Eyes: green

She is from Finland and her mother agency is Paparazzi.


Her father is the Finnish world rally champion Marcus "Bosse" Grönholm. She finished her school last year and now concentrating in modelling at least this year.

(thanks for the info micey at Fashion Spot)

Blugirl S/S 2012 Milan

blugirlspring2012.th.jpg blugirlspring20122.th.jpg blugirlspring20123.th.jpg blugirl00004.th.jpg blugirlspring20124.th.jpg blugirlspring20125.th.jpg blugirl00031.th.jpg blugirlspring20126.th.jpg

blugirldetailsspring201.th.jpg blugirldetailsspring201.th.jpg blugirlspring2012backst.th.jpg blugirlspring2012backst.th.jpg blugirlspring2012backst.th.jpg blugirlspring2012backst.th.jpg

Rocco Barocco S/S 2012 Milan

roccobaroccospring2012.th.jpg roccobaroccospring20122.th.jpg roccobaroccospring20123.th.jpg roccobarocco010.th.jpg

roccobaroccospring20124.th.jpg roccobaroccospring20125.th.jpg roccobaroccospring20126.th.jpg roccobaroccodetailsspri.th.jpg roccobarocco034.th.jpg

Moschino Cheap and Chic S/S 2012 Milan

moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg moschinocheapchicdetail.th.jpg 00210hz.th.jpg

moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg

moschinocheapchicspringi.th.jpg moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg

moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg moschinocheapchicspring.th.jpg

Emporio Armani S/S 2012 Milan

emporioarmanispring2012m.th.jpg emporioarmanispring2012.th.jpg emporioarmanispring2012.th.jpg 00300h.th.jpg

Byblos S/S 2012 Milan (O)

byblosspring2012.th.jpg byblosspring20122.th.jpg byblosspring20123.th.jpg byblosspring20124.th.jpg byblos00001.th.jpg

byblosspring20125.th.jpg byblosspring20126.th.jpg byblosspring20127.th.jpg byblos00024.th.jpg

byblosspring2012backsta.th.jpg byblosspring2012backsta.th.jpg

Giorgio Armani S/S 2012 Milan

giorgioarmanispring2012.th.jpg giorgioarmanispring2012.th.jpg giorgioarmanispring2012.th.jpg giorgioarmanidetailsspr.th.jpg 00500h.th.jpg

Carven S/S 2012 Paris

carvenspring2012.th.jpg carvenspring20122.th.jpg carvenspring20123.th.jpg 00160h.th.jpg

carvenspring20124.th.jpg carvenspring20125.th.jpg carvenspring20126.th.jpg 00410h.th.jpg

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Kenzo S/S 2012 Paris

kenzospring2012.th.jpg kenzospring20122.th.jpg kenzospring20123.th.jpg 00020hx.th.jpg 00030hm.th.jpg

Elle Finland January 2010


Mia Dillemuth Photos Nina Merikallio/Viewmasters

Models Pirita Litmanen/Paparazzi, Mira Lang/Model Boom, Johanna Grönholm/Paparazzi, Iina Rantala/Model Boom, Laura Ala-Kihniä/Brand, Aura Koljonen/Model Boom, Sarianne Hirvonen/Paparazzi

ellefinlandjanuary20101.th.jpg ellefinlandjanuary20102.th.jpg ellefinlandjanuary20103.th.jpg ellefinlandjanuary20104.th.jpg ellefinlandjanuary20105.th.jpg

ellefinlandjanuary20106.th.jpg ellefinlandjanuary20107.th.jpg ellefinlandjanuary20108.th.jpg ellefinlandjanuary20109.th.jpg ellefinlandjanuary20101.th.jpg

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Organic by John Patrick S/S 13 New York

M1349343439234104_1.jpg M1349343439234104_2.jpg M1349343439234104_3.jpg

Rachel Comey S/S 13 New York

M1349343439234104_4.jpg M1349343439234104_5.jpg

Behnaz Sarafpour S/S 13 New York (O)

E1349343698232976_1.jpg E1349343698232976_2.jpg

Boy by Band of Outsiders S/S 13 New York


Jenny Packham S/S 13 New York

E1349343698232976_4.jpg E1349343698232976_5.jpg E1349343698232976_6.jpg

Cividini S/S 13 Milan

M1349343865238182_1.jpg M1349343865238182_2.jpg M1349343865238182_3.jpg M1349343865238182_4.jpg M1349343865238182_5.jpg M1349343865238182_6.jpg

W1349344068237120_1.jpg W1349344068237120_2.jpg W1349344068237120_3.jpg W1349344068237120_4.jpg W1349344068237120_5.jpg M1349344205232173_1.jpg

Agnes B. S/S 13 Paris

M1349344205232173_2.jpg M1349344205232173_3.jpg M1349344205232173_4.jpg M1349344205232173_5.jpg I1349344264232296_1.jpg I1349344264232296_2.jpg I1349344264232296_3.jpg

Hexa by Kuho S/S 13 Paris


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Johanna won Elle Style Awards 2012 model of the year award!

T135133579023184_1.jpg T135133579023184_2.jpg T135133579023184_3.jpg T135133579023184_4.jpg Q1351336536232537_1.jpg

elle.fi, fotoweb.alloverpress.fi/lightbox_fin/ELLEStyleAwards2012/ &







Elle Finland November 2012



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