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Trish Stratus


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Trish Stratus Biography:

Patricia Anne Stratigias was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, on December 18, 1975.

She grew up a fan of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and watching her hero, Hulk Hogan, wrestle on television. After high school, she went on to York University in Toronto where she majored in biology and kinesiology and was well on the road to medical school.

The staff and faculty at York University would end up going on strike though, leaving Patricia with few options. Soon she found herself working for a local gym where her friends and gym members suggested and pushed her to go into fitness modeling. The 5' 4" 36-24-36student succumbed to the pressure, she decided to pursue the idea and began using the pseudonym Trish Stratus in her new career.

After modeling and appearing on magazine covers across the globe, Stratus was approached by the WWF and began training to become an entertainer in Vince McMahon's wrestling empire. On March 19, 2000, she appeared for the first time on the wrestling show Sunday Night Heat as an escort, accompanying some of the night's wrestlers to the ring. Quickly, she took a liking to the ring and would soon be found in it as well as beside it. For her first taste of what the sports entertainment industry had to offer, Stratus was plowed through a folding table by Bubba Ray Dudley. The 5'4" former fitness model loved every minute of it, and thus became even more involved, until ultimately she would be crowned the WWE's Women's Champion six times over.

Stratus became a key player in the WWE's ongoing entertaining storyline. Less than a year after her debut in the industry, she found herself wound up in the deep plot of infighting between the WWE's founding McMahon family. When the smoke cleared, the six-time women's champion found herself at the center of the fans' attention, and despite injuries past and present that have kept her out of the game, Stratus keeps at it.

In addition to wrestling, Stratus has been named WWE Babe of the Year three times. She is also steadfast in keeping to a vow that she will never pose for Playboy, as other women involved with the WWE have done in the past. She is a fitness and nutrition advocate, and her official site has diet and exercise tips as well as some of her own recipes. She also enjoys using her WWE Superstar status to help give back to the community through her charity work with Easter Seals, The Special Olympics, The Ronald McDonald House and other child-aimed charities.

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