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Gale Harold


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Gale Harold was born and raised in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia. In his youth, his parents were church people. Luckily, the influences of Jack London, Gandalf, and David Bowie alerted him to the bizarre inaccuracies of a Southern Pentecostal upbringing.

After most of his childhood friends disappeared in the "white flight" exodus of the late 70's, he spent his high school years drifting amongst various socioeconomic harbors finding protection in the veneer of non committal collusion.

He acquired a diploma and under a soccer scholarship to begin a Liberal Arts Degree in romance Literature at American University in Washington, D.C. But "creative differences" with his coach resulted in his departure after one half a year. He left the Capital to study Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute. He squandered his academic scholarship however, and was eventually forced to make other plans.

A gnawing obsession with Italian motorcycles led to several years of restoring and pants-set mechanics with Moto Guzzi motor bikes. In 1997 on the brink of financial exile from San Francisco he was urged by his compatriot Suzy Landau, producer for Francis Ford Coppola (Dracula & Tucker) to take his act to the stage.

After being introduced to the luminous actor and director Joan E. Scheckel, he re-located to Los Angeles, beginning an intensive three-year period of dramatic study and exploration. This led to his theatrical debut as Bunny in Gillian Plowman's Me and My Friend at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. He also made his feature debut as Booker in Paul Scheuring's 36K. He was subsequently accepted to and completed the Actor's Conservatory Program with A Noise Within classical theatre company. There he appeared in productions of The Misanthrope and Cymbeline.

He is currently starring as Brian Kinney in Showtime's version of the UK television smash hit Queer As Folk.

Source: Showtime

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Wonderful pictures! Well I don't know much about Gale but I do know that he is very funny (in a chat he joked about himself and typed something like 'I'm glad I fooled you all, I'm not really 'Brian' ) He was only joking, and he's very private about his personal life. Oh and fans say that he's actually shy when approached.

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Birth name: Gale M. Harold III

Height:6' 2" (1.88 m)


Worked as a carpenter before "Queer As Folk"

Avid reader of The Nation magazine

Calls the city of Toronto his home

Began acting at the age of 28

Has an older sister and a younger brother

Attended South West Dekalb High School

Past influences were Jack London, Gandalf & David Bowie

Was raised in a Pentecostal household

Source: imdb.com

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