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Black male models?

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liika    0

Tyson Beckford

David Agbodji

Dave Lilja - not exactly black but hes cute

Anthony Gallo

Shemar Moore ?

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rubyshimmer    0

Everyone already gave great suggestions. So I'm going to not rename what other people said.

Here are some more

Thiago Santos

Dominique Hollington

Zakaria Khiare

Sacha M'Baye

Abiah Hostvedt

Jenry Bejarano

Harry Uzoka

Fraser Barke

Carl Agapit

Korrel Kennedy

Will Lemay

Dudley O'Shaughnessy

Zachary Clark

Ty Ogunkoya

Victor Ross

Henry Watkins

Michael Van Meurs

Henry Pedro-Wright

O'shea Robertson

Caesar Stovall

Kumi Keazor

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