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Do love calculators mean anything?


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Just for example if you have a celebrity crush on a hot female celebrity and you end up having a bad score..will you most likely not get along with that particular person in real life. Or she will not like you and possibly think your ugly? What i mean is that are love calculators kind of accurate in some way? Let's say if you score a 23% with Megan Fox, she will not like you in real life-is this true or not? <_<

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^ Online love calculators mean nothing, the score or total percentage you get is probably just picked at random. I wouldn't worry about it to much, it doesn't really matter what a love calculator says. You will never know if your celeb crush would like you or not until you actually meet them. :)

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I probably shouldn't be telling you this but love calculators are extremely accurate or at least they were. After 9-11 the NSA awarded Halaberton a no-bid contracted to re-purposed the "love algorithms" to stop checking for compatibility and instead profile for terrorists. Which is a total violation of our civil rights on one hand, but on the other had has been very effective at identifying terrorists.

Anyway, this story was covered by the New York Times and they say that if you want to find out if you are cosmically compatible with a celebrity you best bet is to use love calculators from countries not aligned with America in the War on Terror, countries like North Korea, or Iran.


Puma, I was talking to Ines the other day and she said she liked you. And I was like, "like like?" and she was like, " well, you know 3 quarters of the time." So the love calculator you used was spot on."

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