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  1. Here is a picture of her right here..she has a tan as well..so could nice tanned skin play a big part in someone's ethnicity or definitely not? I hear that she could be Latin American...she does'nt look like it and Ashley's last name is Greene-so is this true? Is this her real tan right her? In her legs as well.. I am just wondering what ethnicity she might be. Has anyone found out what she might be? In an interview perhaps?
  2. How hot is she?? I heard she likes black guys?? True?
  3. I don't think there are any these days..the only one I can think of is mixed is..Megan Fox,Vanessa Hudgens. Any Models, hot american indian women we don't know about that are hot??? It's rare to find them.
  4. Why don't we hear more about these girls? They are so stunning!!! They should be celebrities-some of them at least. I don't get it,LeAngela Davis was pretty. And so are the 99 Beautiful models that try out for the Swimuit Pagaent every summer!!! When is the Pagaent in 2011 anyways? Does anyone know? I know it's June 25..too bad it won't be on television-it was last year.
  5. ok the question was really not a joke you guys...
  6. Just for example if you have a celebrity crush on a hot female celebrity and you end up having a bad score..will you most likely not get along with that particular person in real life. Or she will not like you and possibly think your ugly? What i mean is that are love calculators kind of accurate in some way? Let's say if you score a 23% with Megan Fox, she will not like you in real life-is this true or not? <_<
  7. what could ashley possibly be ethnic wise?? That's all I am really asking. We have yet to find her ethnicity.
  8. I have been trying to find her true ethnic heritage online but i cannot find it. Does anyone know what she could be? Or what ethnicity she looks like? I know white but more specific..Italian,French,German,Native american,polish,jewish,russian?
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