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Atesh Salih


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Location: England

Age: 33 years

Eyes: Green

Hair: Dark brown

Height: 180

Weight: 75 kg

Chest: 96 cm

Waist: 80 cm

Born in Nigeria, son of a Turkish father and a German mother, nationalized in England, was discovered during a radio contest. A Martial Arts student, was a Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu, for a period of time. That brings a stability and a very positive look through life and the madness of Fashion.

He's extremly protective of his privacy, but one of his dreams is to be a great actor. With some theater plays and a movie, Atesh Salih it seems to start a career on the acting world.

Plays where he been acting:

Dangerous By the Shamlessboyz Where he plays an un-ordained priest, with a perfect balance of vulnerability and confusion.

Review: The Stage Online

Eyes Catch Fire By Finborough Theatre

Review: London theatre Guide


Winter Sun is a Lie: By Nassim Abassi.

This page, contains a trailer of the movie in Quicktime.

Review: UK Screen





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Interview :)

_Atesh Salih lives the good life!

_ModelWatch launches the profile of one of the most mysterious male _models to hit the fashion scene, Atesh Salih!

_By Gig D'Aguiar, July 2004

We at ModelWatch felt extremely priveleged for the honor that Mr. Salih granted us when he agreed to do this rare interview.

Here we find what seems to be the obvious- the man is an extremely talented and decent human being, not to mention the fact that he exhibits one of the most unique and handsome face to hit the fashion scene...

As Gig noted in an introduction to Mr. Salih..."In this interview I would like to provide a glimpse into your life, what it feels like to be you, and some of your motivations..." Atesh certainly made his points clear- his answers are both insightful and philosophical to say the least...


Gig: Can you please describe your background? Were you raised in a religious household, a family with athletic leanings, or more emphasis placed on academics? What are some of your memories?

Atesh: My parents aren't that religious, although my dad is Muslim and my mum was brought up a Catholic. I didn't really have religion forced upon me but we were influenced by both religions culturally.

There was a real emphasis on good manners, politeness and hard work. With my mother being a school teacher education was always a priority.

Gig: Growing up what were some of your aspirations and goals?

Atesh: It was always important to me to be financially secure and independent and I concentrated on making that happen from an early age. And secondly I wanted to be successful as an actor.

Gig: What events or people have inspired you and made an appreciable difference in your way of thinking? Was there anyone in your family or outside that made a difference to your life?

Atesh: Travelling and seeing so many different cultures has certainly influenced the way I think and my world view in general. In terms of just one individual influencing the way I am it's my mother. Especially when I was growing up, as she taught us at home for several years.

Gig: You were a Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu for a period of time, and undoubtedly a student for much longer. How do you feel this way of life and teachings have helped you in the highly superficial arena of modeling? In life in general?

Atesh: It helped to give me balance during a very hectic and insecure period of my life, gave me some sanity and an outlet outside the madness of fashion.

Gig:What personality traits do you feel were inherited from your father? From your mother?

Atesh: His laid-back attitude and her positive outlook.

Gig:What were some of the things you did for fun?

Atesh: In my twenties I spent a lot of time just hanging out with friends in different cities around the world - most of it was really superficial, some are still mates today.

I used to go to bars, parties and night-clubs as most models do, but it does get boring after awhile. These days the highlight tends to be dinner or a film with my wife or a night-in with a good book or some Tele.

Gig:Where did you go to school and what was that experience like?

Atesh: I went to school in Essex. Let's put it this way, I'm glad those days are over.

Gig: Did you think of yourself as good-looking? (Undoubtedly your look is very unique, I myself can be best described as somewhat of an average-joe, my interest is particularly piqued on this question!)

Atesh: Like everyone I have good days and bad days.

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i love turkish songs

me and him will dance the night away :heart:


Atesh Salih is that rare breed of male models who abhors compromises but remains approacheable and friendly. Extremely protective of his privacy, Atesh remains a mystery even to his most ardent admirers...

from modelwatch:




height 181 [5 ft 11 inc]

shoes 43 - 9,5

eyes GREEN


chest 96

waist 80

hes with whynot models, because thats where i got the the info and pix from

from whynot models official website:




:) :heart: finally i did something right..meaning uploading wise :laugh:...omfg thx meli i love you for making me fall in love with him:p

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