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Alba Clave


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First Name: Alba

Last Name: Clave

Nationality: Spanish

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: October 7, 1985

Place of Birth:

Height: 5'9.3" ; 176cm

Measurements: (US) 35-24.5-36 ; (EU) 89-63-91

Dress Size: (US) 6 ; (EU) 36

Shoe Size: (US) 10 ; (EU) 42 ; (UK) 7.5

Mother agency: Francina Models- Barcelona


Nevs Model Agency- London

Elite Model Management - Miami

Look Models- Viena

Scout Models- Zurich

Flash Models- Istanbul

Advertisements: Friday's Project, Goldas,

Magazine Covers: Turkey: 'Maxim' - May 2010

Fashion Shows:


Notes: - Her fullname is Alba Clave Guerra.

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Agency update;

Mother agency: View Management - Spain

Place Model Management

Nevs Model Agency

Flash Model Management - Istanbul

Mademoiselle Agency

Elite Model Management - Miami

MC2 Model Management - Tel Aviv

you missing one. LOL. I love how I update FMD and they don't add everything. drives me nuts.

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Agency update;

Mother agency: View Management - Spain

Place Model Management

Nevs Model Agency

Flash Model Management - Istanbul

Mademoiselle Agency

Elite Model Management - Miami

MC2 Model Management - Tel Aviv

you missing one. LOL. I love how I update FMD and they don't add everything. drives me nuts.

Lol! I know. I sent in some new info on models for their FMD pages and they added some of the new info, but not all of it. :laugh::ninja:

I thought her Mother was Francina models? But now it's View?

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Name: Alba Clavé.    

Age: 26.    

Agency: Francina Models.    


Hometown: Barcelona.    

I’ve been a model for 11 years, my name is Alba Clavé from Barcelona, Spain.... I started in Francina Agency, but in all those years I changed to 2 other agencies in Barcelona, but then, since 2 years ago I went back to Francina, the one where everything started.... I travelled a lot around Europe and worked for a good number of brands.          

How and when did you know you wanted to become a model? 
I started being a model when I was 14 years old, I always felt it inside of me, and also everybody advised my mom and me that I should be a model... So at the end, I went to Francina Agency and started my career...
What do you like most about being a model? 
The best thing about being a model is that I get to travel a lot and learn different languages and cultures...and also the people!
What has been the greatest experience you have had so far? 
Well, I had so many amazing experiences... I wouldn't know which one to pick... (jajajaja) One was when I went to Ecuador to representate Spain... Was kind miss world... Now I remember one that was so much fun, and a great experience in my life: I was living in Istanbul, where I worked a lot, and I did an add for 118833 number information; I remember I was working out of Istanbul, in Izmir city in Turkey, and one Turkish friend sent me an email and told me: I see you on TV...and I didn't think about that job because before they air it on TV they were supposed to let my agency know. So, I was in a restaurant that night, and they have a big TV, and after I read the email, I see my add on TV! OMG it was so funny, and all night my phone was receiving emails from everybody, and everybody was following me on Twitter and Facebook!!! I was so surprised because I didn’t expect that reaction. Now I still get people, mostly Turkish people that follow me.... It was so much fun, everybody was talking about this add, and I had interviews with the best newspapers, and appeared on the covers!!! Such a great experience!!!
What is your fashion dream? 
My fashion dream is to be a Victoria's Secret model!!
What was your favourite city you traveled to work to? 
Now it’s Paris, I love this city!!! But, I will go to Miami and I think it’s going to be that one (jajajaja)
Who is your fashion icon? 
My fashion Icon is Milla Jovovich, and Gisele Bundchen, and Angelina Jolie!
What are your goals in the next 5 years as a model? 
My goals in the next 5 years is to grow in my career to be a Victoria's Secret Model, this is my dream that I want to make true... and work more and more, and travel...
What are your secrets for a fit and healthy body? 
I take care of myself a lot. I eat healthy and practice a lot of sports, and specially Bikram Yoga!... my favourite.
What is your favourite part of your body? 
My eyes, my face definitely...
What makes you feel sexy? 
To feel confident of myself!!! That makes me feel sexy!
Is the fashion world what you expected it to be? 
Yes! You can hear a lot of bad stuff, but also amazing things!!! And I had and have a lot of great experiences that make me grow and see life in different ways... But yes, it’s what I always expected....
What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 
Well, enjoy with my family and do my hobbies, like Bikram Yoga, walking, sports, shopping, reading, listening music, travelling...
Thanks so much for the interview; it was a pleasure to answer all these questions! I had a great time when I did it! Thanks again!
Peace & Love
Alba Clave
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