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Nadia G. (Giosia) is young, funny, and can cook up a storm in 3-inch cherry stilettos. Hailed as the “Julia Child of the Net generation,” she is the creator and host of the new Cooking Channel series Bitchin’ Kitchen (www.bitchinkitchen.tv). Hilarious, informative and deliciously demented, this stylish comedy-cooking show is unlike anything else on TV. Set in a candy-colored kitchen decked out in animal print and leather, Bitchin’ Kitchen looks at the funny side of everyday life situations and turns them into occasions worth celebrating ��" with great food and big laughs.

Nadia G. Blazing Trails

Nadia G. was an early pioneer of the online entertainment industry. For the last 7 years, she has run her own boutique 2.0 design/branding studio, but always felt something was missing ��" the food! So she decided to have her cake… and design it, brand it, write it, produce it and eat it too. In 2007 Bitchin’ Kitchen debuted as a three minute mobile show. A runaway success, the show quickly gained the attention of mainstream broadcast media. In 2010 Bitchin’ Kitchen premiered on Food Network Canada and became the first ever first online lifestyle entertainment brand to successfully transition from internet to primetime.

Bitchin’ in the US & Canada

This October, Bitchin Kitchen will make its’ primetime American debut on Cooking Channel. An instant hit in Canada, Bitchin’ Kitchen is not your average cooking show. Armed with a crew of misfit food correspondents, a tea towel made of chain mail, fresh organic ingredients and a sharp tongue, Nadia G. whips up the perfect blend of food and humor. In each episode she shares accessible, inspiring recipes to suit nearly any life situation, from breaking up to making up ��" all peppered with her signature ‘Nadvice.’

Nadia G’s Homegrown Food Philosophy

Fearlessness, patience, creativity and love are Nadia G.’s secret ingredients and her kitchen code to success! Trained at the culinary institute of Hard Wooden Spoon Whacks, her passion for food and cooking came from growing up in a boisterous Italian family consisting of cooks and caterers who never quite gave up the belief that Casalinga-style cuisine is the centre of the universe. Nadia G. is home-schooled, DIY and proud of it. She says “You don’t have to look far to taste some of the best food the world has to offer. I’d pit my grandmother against a 3-star Michelin chef any day.”

Cooking at Home ��" Bitchin’ Style

Nadia G.’s best-selling book The Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook: Rock Your Kitchen and Let the Boys Clean Up the Mess (skirt!, 2009) is more than just a cookbook. Providing delectable recipes and hilarious anecdotes, the book shows how even the most novice cooks can recreate the Bitchin’ Kitchen cuisine. In addition to being a chef-comedienne, Nadia G. also has a fierce sense of style. Bright red lips, wild hairstyles and sexy heels are the name of her game. In an effort to share her style with fans, Nadia G. designed a variety of items for the Bitchin’ Boutique. For the kitchen vixen, she offers zebra and leopard print aprons with matching garters, a guitar shaped spatula, hot pink diva dish gloves and rockin’ Bitchin' Kitchen tees. As Nadia G. says “It’s all about making cooking fun, and inspiring a new generation to rock their kitchen!"

Just Bitchin’

When not racking up the accolades and awards such as nextMedia's Interactive award for the ‘Hottest Emerging Digital Brand in Canada,’ or the 2007 Wave Award for favorite mobile comedy series (she beat out Conan O’Brien!), Montreal-native Nadia G. enjoys writing comedy songs and working on her rock solid abs.

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