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The Most Beautiful Eastern Asia Woman

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Zhang Ziyi: 33.5

Kumi Koda: 2.5

Zhang Ziyi moves on

Lucy Liu (USA)


vs Patcharapa Chaichuea (Thailand)

post-42476-0-1446074787-25995_thumb.jpg post-42476-0-1446074787-28005_thumb.jpg

Lucy Liu

post-42476-0-1446074787-33996_thumb.jpg post-42476-0-1446074787-38908_thumb.jpg

Patcharapa Chaichuea

post-42476-0-1446074787-43919_thumb.jpg post-42476-0-1446074787-48068_thumb.jpg

Lucy Liu vs Patcharapa Chaichuea

You have 3 points, split it how you want. Deadline: 2 days.

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Eww, probably the worst matchup since the beginning. Sorry but I had to go with Thailand number one here.

Patcharapa Chaichuea x 3 - She's so nice to look at and she looks so sweet.

Voting is closed.

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Lucy Liu: 16.5

Patcharapa Chaichuea: 16.5

There is a tie. I guess Lucy and Patcharapa are going to be put with other contestants, to make it fair. We'll see.

Moving on.

Shin Ae (Korea)

post-42476-0-1446074788-80281_thumb.jpg post-42476-0-1446074788-8289_thumb.jpg

vs Han Chae Young (Korea)

post-42476-0-1446074788-89581_thumb.jpg post-42476-0-1446074788-93275_thumb.jpg

Shin Ae

post-42476-0-1446074788-98579_thumb.jpg post-42476-0-1446074789-01125_thumb.jpg

Han Chae Young

post-42476-0-1446074789-03086_thumb.jpg post-42476-0-1446074789-05329_thumb.jpg

Shin Ae vs Han Chae Young

You have 3 points, split it how you want. Deadline: 2 days or more.

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