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Doug Pickett


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Here is some info about Angel's future husband (hehe....) Doug Pickett:

Doug Pickett is the hottie on the cover of the worldwide distributed ad campaign for Ralph Lauren fragrance Blue. His clean boy-next-door image and the striking resemblance to young Leonardo DiCaprio increasingly raise public fanscination to seeking his idenity. Little do people know, Doug Pickett was still a high school teenager when he was featued in Ralph Lauren ad campaigns.

Having originally planned to go to college to study architecture after high school, Doug Pickett got into modeling when his sister persuaded him to enter a model search contest in his junior year. And soon Doug Pickett was beginning as a model for Abercrombie and Fitch. Bruce Weber who shot A&F introducted him to his first job, as an extra in an ad for the Ralph Lauren clothing line. His charming, good-natured looks led to more bookings and Polo shoots.

Doug Pickett's overnight success in modeling business is attibuted to more than just his good looks, but also a reflection of his personality and demeanor. While Doug Pickett was still in high school playing varsity basketball and shooting for free throws, he had to deal with more than the usual pressure: a brace of opposition fans chanting "Cover girl". The nickname is a teasing reference to his rise to fame as a model, culminating in a starring role in Ralph Lauren ad campaigns. But Doug remains admirably unfazed. Ironically, it's this unruffled demeanor that top photographers like Bruce Weber find so appealing.

Despite this seemingly glamorous existence, Doug is still enjoys the simple pleasures most: shooting hoops, playing tennis and, of course, video games. After his high school graduation in May 2002, Doug Pickett moved to New York to focus on modeling for the next a few years while taking some college architecture classes in the city. "But I won't be there forever," he says. "At the end of the day, I'm a southern boy. I need greenery!"

Source: "A Model Student" by Kate Boydell

FACTS Name: Doug Pickett

Born: 1984

Home: Wilmington, North Carolina

Sibling: An older sister

High School: Asheboro High School, graduated in 2002

Height: 6'2.5" / 189 cm

Suit: 42L / 52

Shirt: 36

Neck: 15.5

Inseam: 34 / 86

Waist: 34 / 86

Shoe: 13.5 / 45.5

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Hobbies: Basketball, Tennis

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