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Jaime Koeppe


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Jaime Koeppe

Vital Stats: 35-24-36

Height: 5 '5"

Weight: 125lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

From: Vancouver, B.C. (Canada)

Where You've Seen Her: Off The Record, Mike Bullard, MuscleMag International, WWE Raw Magazine

This Diva has been making a name for herself in her native Canada and is now looking to do the same here in the U.S.!

The old saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" certainly applies to this brunette bombshell. Despite her stunning looks you might be surprised to learn that Jaime once considered a career as a brain surgeon! Don't be intimadated by her intelligence though guys, as Jaime is also quite the car freak!

Having great success in modeling, most recently being featured in the current edition of MuscleMag International (August 2003), Jaime is looking to expand her horizons. Don't be surprised to turn on your favorite sports show one day and find Jaime as the host! She'd also like to try a stint at MTV as their newest VJ. All we can say, no matter what TV show is infused with this curvy cutie's presence, we'll be watching religiously! Of course, we know that you'd like to check out Jaime right now. Got you covered. Just click on the thumbnails below. Each one will open in a separate window so you won't lose you're place.



And now for the pics!

0000076pu.th.jpg jaimepreview10ai.th.jpg ima00744ww.th.jpg ima00553dz.th.jpg ima00078vb.th.jpg

More of her here:



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