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Clara Morgane


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Ok i'm really really bored so i thought i could make ppl here discover sum french stuff lol... i didn't know where to put her topic: models or actresses (you'll understand why later lol) but i finally went for models.

A little bit about her:

She's from Marseille, in the south of france.

Her real name is Emmanuelle (or i believe it is lol)

She's 24.

She started to be photographed at the age of 12 for a modelling agency. That's how she discovered she had a passion for photography. At age 19, she went to "le salon du X" at paris with her boyfriend and that's how she started her carreer as a porn actress. She only shot 10 movies or so (which is not much compared to most porn stars who can shoot about 20 movies A YEAR) but has since been France's biggest porn star. Medias started to be interested in her so she started to be know as a celebrity as well. She stopped her carreer 2 years ago after she broke up with her boyfriend (whom she only accepted to have sex with in her movies). Since then, she's become the french incarnation of erotism: she's the presentator of "le journal du hard" (a tv show bout the porn industrie) and has been ranked 1st french and 8th woman in FHM "sexiest women on earth" list. She's the first french woman who's been on a cover of the american magazine Penthouse and has done more than 40 magazines' covers (FHM, Playboy, Maximal, Newlook...)

She now works for the french edition of Maxim (Maximal) giving sexual advice every month and has designed her own lingerie line.

Her Maximal Calendar is a best-seller every year and she's #1 on most french guys hottest women list


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