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I like the 2 pics of her on the top of the page, you don't get a chance to see her do something that doesn't revolve around a bikini or underwear. :p But those pics are refreshing to see her more elegant and classy.

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More from the L.A. Premiere of Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Don't forget these! Rockin' the close-up shots!

th_45667_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ1_122_192lo.jpg th_45670_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ2_122_122lo.jpg th_45675_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ3_122_205lo.jpg th_45676_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ4_122_255lo.jpg th_45677_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ5_122_249lo.jpg th_45689_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ6_122_796lo.jpg th_45690_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ7_122_511lo.jpg

th_45691_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ8_122_551lo.jpg th_45698_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ9_122_249lo.jpg th_45704_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ10_122_164lo.jpg th_45710_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ11_122_7lo.jpg th_45715_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ12_122_765lo.jpg th_45720_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ13_122_253lo.jpg th_45723_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ14_122_167lo.jpg

th_45724_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ15_122_409lo.jpg th_45725_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ16_122_1101lo.jpg th_45730_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ17_122_423lo.jpg th_45731_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ18_122_91lo.jpg th_45734_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ19_122_511lo.jpg th_45737_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ20_122_183lo.jpg th_45739_MISC.UHQ.RBV.HQ21_122_98lo.jpg


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