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What are "Warn Logs"?


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technically it's always been there, but before only mods & admins could see it. basically we're going to start enforcing the rules a bit more strongly. disregard for the rules (especially the no flaming rule) will warrant a warning. although it will vary by the severity of the offense, people who have to be warned multiple times will be subject to bans at the discretion of the staff. when you receive a warning, your level will go up and you will also receive a PM i believe on the reason you were warned by the staff member.

hope that clears things up a bit :)

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no, actually it can be adjusted. i just dont think it's necessary in the long run. whether we set the warn level to be raised 30% each time or 10%, if you're caught flaming three times (for example) i think it's time for you to leave :) Whether you are at 90% or 30% to me is irrelevant.

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