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Rumor has it...

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Rumor has it JoeK. is right. ^ I always personally take my brightest and most dedicated members under my wing.You will get the best training there is.No,you can wear Valentino,Armani,Burberry,D&G,etc.You know.Whatever your preference is.I trust your judgment and know that you will represent my team well. * Fist bump*

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Rumor has it that JK has been in the process of advancing through the ranks of BB's minion army and is nearly ready for his final task. BB by the way has yet to determine my fate, even after my plan to remove JK nearly worked with surgical precision.

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^^We could certainly use your type of abilities IMO. But to be honest I like going against you.

^Rumor has it BB was the original creator of the stealth bomber. But her original design called for blades on the wings so that in the of chance it hit something, it could slice right through it and keep going unharmed

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