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Lily Aldridge


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Lily for H&M 2007-2008 :heart:

post-36050-0-1446096076-4492_thumb.jpg th_96b02d63508620.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-36050-0-1446096076-47525_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3982252" alt="post-36050-0-1446096076-47525_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="142.16"> th_e8b69263508624.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-36050-0-1446096076-51441_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3982255" alt="post-36050-0-1446096076-51441_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="164"> post-36050-0-1446096076-54387_thumb.jpg post-36050-0-1446096076-57405_thumb.jpg th_b875e163508631.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-36050-0-1446096076-5893_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3982261" alt="post-36050-0-1446096076-5893_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="155.63"> th_6582f063508637.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-36050-0-1446096076-60178_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3982262" alt="post-36050-0-1446096076-60178_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="66.03"> post-36050-0-1446096076-61438_thumb.jpg post-36050-0-1446096076-63439_thumb.jpg post-36050-0-1446096076-66549_thumb.jpg post-36050-0-1446096076-69291_thumb.jpg post-36050-0-1446096076-72521_thumb.jpg th_0cac5663508651.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-36050-0-1446096076-76146_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3982268" alt="post-36050-0-1446096076-76146_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="68.58"> post-36050-0-1446096076-7886_thumb.jpg

Free Image Hosting by ImageBam.com post-36050-0-1446096076-80829_thumb.jpg th_7ebf9163549899.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-36050-0-1446096076-84538_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3982274" alt="post-36050-0-1446096076-84538_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="72.4"> post-36050-0-1446096076-87135_thumb.jpg

Free Image Hosting by ImageBam.com

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stunning pic, agreed she always comes across so sweet and laid back.

Is her hair shorter? Comments on other forums suggest people seem to prefer her with the long hair but I think she looks so good with the short hair too as the pics earlier on this page where she is on a beach wearing blue demonstrate, I don't mind whatever length she goes for but i do wish she would go back to her dark brown colour, the blonde is cute and all (she could get away with anything) but her natural dark brown is AH-MAZ-ING!!

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This is old but i hadn't seen it before, tho I can't see a lot of what gets posted on TFS so maybe it has been posted on there?! If anyone could invite me to The Fashion Spot i would love that...anyone?!?

Anyways... here's a cute pic with Lily in the middle, Alisa to her left and Johanna to her right



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