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Heather Hahn

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incessant    0

Heather Hahn








represented by Next Models and Chic Model Management

(as far as i can tell)

i think she is australian, although now i see in supermodels.nl it says "colbert, usa"

anyway on to the pics!

027sb.th.jpg post-652-0-1446056801-41724_thumb.jpg post-652-0-1446056801-45816_thumb.jpg post-652-0-1446056801-48408_thumb.jpg post-652-0-1446056801-52712_thumb.jpg post-652-0-1446056801-54385_thumb.jpg post-652-0-1446056801-5576_thumb.jpgpost-652-0-1446056801-56492_thumb.jpg

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brenlynn    0

she's gorgeous!!

from complex magazine

post-2529-1160809058_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809069_thumb.jpg

Heather Hahn

Where are you from?

Washington state

Years modeling:


Were you a victim of mean girls?

A lot of girls hated me. They would try to pick fights, but I had a close group of girlfriends who would protect me like bodyguards.

If you were Naomi Campbell, who would get smacked with your cell phone?

Probably Osama bin Laden or Adolf Hitler

Who would play you in a movie?

Scarlett Johannson


I go out all the time, I don

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tinkerbelle    0
so, i guess according to that interview... she's american, not an aussie.

anyway, here's some more...

post-2529-1160809392_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809433_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809453_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809467_thumb.jpg

post-2529-1160809482_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809499_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809587_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809608_thumb.jpg

post-2529-1160809643_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809670_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809696_thumb.jpg post-2529-1160809707_thumb.jpg


she's natural, I love her big blue eyes :)

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