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Christy Turlington


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Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Spring 1992:






@LAM, I hope you don't mind me correcting 1993 section on your website again. 😊😊😊

- Adrienne Vittadini, Michael Kors and Anne Klein images are all actually from Anne Klein Fall 1993. It was my mistake for not recognizing them properly. Apologies for that!

- The image in Betty Jackson section is from Michael Kors Spring 1993. I'm not sure if Christy did any work for Betty Jackson

- 11-th and 13-th pic in Oscar de La Renta are from Christian Lacroix Spring 1994

- The bridal pic in Valentino Spring 1993 is from Valentino Haute Couture Spring 1993

 - Christy didn't walk for Versace RTW Spring 1993. The images from this section are from Versace Haute Couture ( Atelier Versace) Spring 1993




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Glad you love it. I have so much more to add but I don't want to spam her thread that much.

Perry Ellis Fall 1998:


1988 😘


Feel free for telling me. 

So many mistakes but thanx to you, it will become perfect 😁

So happy with your new catwalk post. Finally, I can delete all the pics with tags

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