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Christy Turlington

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I saw a pic of her and her two sisters and Christy is the best looking one!


i know which one but it IS an unfair comparison when your sister is one of the most beautiful women of the planet.

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anyone else notice the reply function acting strangely?

cl066tb.th.jpg cl053fl.th.jpg cl268oh.th.jpg fa1044ud.th.jpg fa0795lh.th.jpg fa0651ac.th.jpg

bw454zy.th.jpg ck197qy.th.jpg ck102ui.th.jpg cl140vs.th.jpg cl230tl.th.jpg cl191pk.th.jpg

ahhhh! it keeps doing that!!! i cant make two replies in a row...it acts as though i've edited my last post :blink:

Edited by OriginalSin

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