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Florrie Arnold


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The New face of Nina Ricci.


Name; Florrie Arnold

Model Agency; Tess Model Managment - London

Born; 28th December, 1988

From; Bristol, England

Height; 5'7

Bio; Florrie (born Florence Arnold on 28 December 1988) is an English singer-songwriter, drummer and model.

Closely associated with the Xenomania production house, since joining as their in-house drummer in 2008

She has played live and on record for popular artists such as Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys.

In 2010, she began a solo career. She has drawn positive reaction from the online music community for releasing her own material

In collaboration with remixers such as Fred Falke for download without charge.

Several commentators have called Florrie a rising star to watch.


Click to view image.

Watch the Nina Ricci advert;

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Flavor Magazine HQ's

post-20478-0-1445996592-16348_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996592-17257_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996592-18061_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996592-19288_thumb.jpg th_8f7b6b112595484.jpg/monthly_12_2010/post-20478-0-1445996592-20114_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2519278" alt="post-20478-0-1445996592-20114_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="149.95"> th_197c31112595494.jpg/monthly_12_2010/post-20478-0-1445996592-20922_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2519279" alt="post-20478-0-1445996592-20922_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="149.95"> post-20478-0-1445996592-21703_thumb.jpg th_ec8fa8112595506.jpg/monthly_12_2010/post-20478-0-1445996592-22484_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2519281" alt="post-20478-0-1445996592-22484_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="149.95">

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Florrie @ The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, 18/9/10

th_2fbff1112770630.jpg/monthly_12_2010/post-20478-0-1445996616-70477_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2519509" alt="post-20478-0-1445996616-70477_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="66.67"> post-20478-0-1445996616-71101_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996616-71596_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996616-72056_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996616-72763_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996616-73856_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996616-74365_thumb.jpg th_d593a0112770846.jpg/monthly_12_2010/post-20478-0-1445996616-74834_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2519516" alt="post-20478-0-1445996616-74834_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150"> post-20478-0-1445996616-75284_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996616-75758_thumb.jpg post-20478-0-1445996616-76231_thumb.jpg ae5923112771014.jpg

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