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Marcella Sbraletta

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First Name: Marcella

Last Name: Sbraletta

Nationality: Brazilian

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth: Brasil

Height: 5'9" ; 175.5cm

Measurements: (US) 33.5-24.5-35.5 ; (EU) 85-62-90

Dress Size: (US) 6 ; (EU) 36

Shoe Size: (US) 6 ; (EU) 38

Mother agency:


* New Madison Paris

* One Management- New York

* Models 1- London

* Harry's Model Management- Munich

* Modelwerk- Hamburg

* Selection Model Management- Zurich

* Ace Models- Athens

* MC2- Tel Aviv

* Ming Management- Soa Poalo

* V Model Brazil Model Management- Rio

* Beatrice Models- Milan

Advertisements: Paola Davoli, Pantene, Triumph

Magazine Covers: Germany: 'Prinz' - 2008

post-43653-0-1446056774-43202_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056774-59592_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056774-85355_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056775-50878_thumb.jpg

post-43653-0-1446056775-83608_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056776-388_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056777-27026_thumb.jpg

post-43653-0-1446056778-55845_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056778-88147_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056779-09979_thumb.jpg

post-43653-0-1446056779-46667_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056779-82287_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056779-89819_thumb.jpg

post-43653-0-1446056779-93635_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056779-94398_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056779-95875_thumb.jpg

post-43653-0-1446056779-97848_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056780-01536_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056780-03877_thumb.jpg


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Maracuja A/W 2010

Photos Márcio Rodrigues

Assistant to Mr. Rodrigues Vicente França

Model Marcella Sbraleta

Beauty Léo Café

Styling Assistant Amanda de Mendonça

post-43653-0-1446056807-92567_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056807-95964_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056807-98931_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056808-00596_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446056808-03406_thumb.jpg

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