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Anna Valle


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Anna Valle

(source imdb)

Born: June 19, 1975 in Rome, Italy

Elected as Miss Italy in 1995, she started acting in a lot of TV movies and Tv series that gave her such a big audience: "Commesse", "Per amore", "Papa Giovanni", and many others. She has even starred in some international projects like "Augustum" with Peter O'Toole and Charlotte Rampling, in which she played Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, and the Deutsch TV Series "Aeon". However,her most important roles are three: the one of the unlucky Iranian princess Soraya in the biopic about her life, "Soraya" (2003), the sweet mistress Margherita in "Cuore" (this performance took her to win a prestigious "Grolla d'oro") and the intense Claudia Castelli in "Le stagioni del cuore", with Alessandro Gassman. She hasn't had a great cinema career: she starred in "Sottovento!" (2001) a boat movie that didn't earn any money, but in 2006/7, after a cameo in the biopic "Callas and Onassis" in which she played Jackie Onassis, she shot three movies: "SoloMetro", "MissTake-una commedia nera" and especially "carnera", a movie based upon the life of the boxer Primo Carnera.


Ulisse Lendaro (August 2008 - present) 1 child


Elected as Miss Italy 1995

November 2007: announced she's 5 months pregnant with her first child. Father is her companion, Ulisse Lendaro.

Gave birth to her first child, a girl named Ginevra, on April 20th 2008.


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