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Well... what can we say about Thalia?

Full Name: Adriana Thalia Sodi Miranda

Martial Status: Married to Thomas Mottola (President of Sony Music)

Height: 1.76m

Birthday: August 26, 1971

Pace of Birth: Mexico, D.F.

LIKES & DISLIKES (according to planetthalia.cjb.net)

Singing or Acting: Singing because acting is too conservative (she was in a lot of soap operas)

Favourite Food: Mexican & Japanese

Favourite colour: Orange, maroon, white and black

Favourite Clothers: Jeans, T-shirts, leather pants

Favourite Artists: The Doors as a group, Madonna as solo, Juan Luis Gerra as a Latin singer.

Favourite Actor: Pedro Infante & Marilyn Monroe

Sex Symbol: Female, Marilyn Monroe. Male, George Micheal

Favourite Sport: water and snow Skiing

Favourite Drink: water..


El Sexto Sentido (2005)

Greatest Hits (2004)

Thalia (2003)

Thalia Con Banda Grandes Exitos (2001)

Arrasando (2000)

Amor a la Mexicana (1997)

En Extasis (1995)

Love (1992)

Mundo de Cristl (1991)

Thalia (1990)

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