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Zhang Lanxin


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Wasn't sure whether to post her in the athlethes or Models section :ninja:

Zhang Lanxin


Name: Zhang Lanxin

Height: 178cm

Weight: 53kg

Measurements: 90 61 91

Birthday: 1986.07.21.

Constellation: Cancer

Current residence: Beijing

2004 National Taekwondo Championship 55 kg class.

2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony to guide staff.

2008 Olympic Games promotional film actor (Kung Fu article)

Info taken from her profile at Istudio: http://www.istudio.com/21773

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yah so yesterday was a beautiful 68degree day and so it was lunch at CiprianiDowntown predictable. i know. shut up

and my IDOL zhang-ziyi was there with her new boyfriend whose name i cant mention cuz maybe hell get mad at me or something, and he is totally an enemy i DO NOT want to make if you hear what im sayin.

she is so cute in real life she looks even younger than on film and she has this sweet little smile and tiny little voice. oh but she kept her big black sunglasses with teensy rhinestone chips in the frames on, indoors, all through lunch no autographs pleeeez. shes thin and itty bitty and she was wearing a black sweater and dark jeans.

francesco-clemente was there too sitting way back in the "PX" corner where all the faboos sit ive even spotted arrigo"harry"cipriani dining there a couple times. and harvey-weinstein once. clemente was with a couple dudes and some tall modelly chick.

she was wearing a black sweater and dark jeans too-- i guess this is the new faboo "uniform" or some shit i dont know exactly when NYC turned into fucking london all of a sudden.

anyways. i used to be a huuuuuge francesco-clemente fan. until i saw him on the street in soho this past summer, he walked past my "galerie" all of THREE times he lives in the village right near houston i think. and one of those times he was sweating me but then when he glanced over and saw the "artwork" he quickly averted his gaze... he couldnt bear the thought of some starving artist street urchin being just as talented as he is. ha ha ha ha hahahahahaa

i recounted this story to a pal once too, and he suggested i draw up some "fake" clementes to display and then see how THAT goes over. eehehhheeee

did you know francesco-clemente used to date this "socialite" genevieve-jones whose ass Gawker was all up a few months ago ? they kept posting blurbs like "whos genevieve-jones where does she come from why is she so popular and shows up at all the parties is she the creator of socialiterank..." all this kind of stuffs.

so finally i got tired of their lame assed retarded nonsense so i sent them an e-mail saying oh brother catch a clue you idiots. except i didnt actually use the word "idiot" see how nice and helpful and informative i am ? do you think they could appreciate it ? NO.

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