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Jimmy Changa

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Not sure if anyone here would appreciate something like this but I figured I could post it anyway. I'm just getting started on working with this guy who is a custom bass and musical instrument maker on getting his website up. He has some old picture which aren't all that great but they show the amazing work that this guy does. Just check it out....

1. 8 different kinds of woods. waves raised up for thumb rests.

2. various basses being used around the world

3. 5 string fretless with 5 indiviual handwound pickups under handcrafted pickup cover

4. "the monster" 5 string fretless bass banjo. sounds freakin' COOL!

5. Bamanjolin - Combo between banjo and mandolin. Octave mandolin scale length sound and banjo sound combined.

6. Amandamer - Dulcimer and mandolin combination made for Amanda. :)

7. Karendola








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The crazy part is the ringing endorsements from some of the professinal musicians that have played and/or own some of these. Ed had developed a few of his own bridge designs, a new neck to body attachement that is similar to bolt-on but gets the sustain of a neck-through....I mean, he is a full of amazing insight into working with wood that it's not funny.

He's going to be at the NAMM show in Anaheim in January.

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