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Andreja Pejic


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F/Homme #2 - Fall / Winter 2011

Models Andrej Pejic and Evando Soldati

Ph Justin Wu

St Sophie Ruthensteiner

Justin Wu and Nicola Formichetti's assistant, Sophie Ruthensteiner, work together for this ménage à trois with Evandro Soldati and Valeriya Melnik with Andrej Pejic as the linchpin of the trio.


click link for full spread


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by Gavin Bond for Out Magazine


'Marilyn Off Duty' by Jacob Dekat and Prince Chenoa for Lovecat Magazine (large)

5cb2c9160570617.jpg bd581f160570636.jpg 1dc24b160570673.jpg 632f6d160570696.jpg

386ad2160570721.jpg c5a316160570743.jpg f30339160570757.jpg 5f7601160570789.jpg

by Robert Schwenck for Caderno Ela

f768f5160569387.jpg a5aff9160569409.jpg 9d5c0b160569434.jpg

5e0251160569462.jpg 3afb2c160569487.jpg 64d5d0160573078.jpg

by Jonathatn Turner and Jason Farrer for Fashion Forward Promo Commercial


by Stephen Ward for Oyster Magazine


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