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Chloe Memisevic

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I'm sooo happy to this ... Chloe has been some time ago on my site and now she's a successful model with a great placement, check Mrs. Chloe out ;)

Signed now with Cat in Berlin, FM in London

post-33620-0-1446162500-21219_thumb.jpg post-33620-0-1446162500-23432_thumb.jpg post-33620-0-1446162500-25072_thumb.jpg

Chloe @ Nisch Management (Sweden)

Swedish girls are unusual and very unique at the same time. Chloe is one of these swedish eye-catching faces. She has a perfect height (181m.), a great body (78-59-88), a promising look and a face which tells more than words. From her well formed face, which reminds us of a work of art, up to her green piercing eyes. Chloe's facial expressions are realy strong with a touch of freshness. The young beauty is definitely a girl with an unique look, without any doubt. She was discovered by the swedish boutique agency, Nisch Model Management . Nisch Model Management is a real boutique agency with only a few faces each of Nisch's faces is successful and promising. Back to Chloe. Have a look at her three glorious single polaroids. Isn't she a beauty


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Chloe Memisevic @ FM Models (London)

We aren’t sure if you can still remember Chloe ? We would like to make an update about Chloe here on All about Models with some fresh polaroids. Well, Chloe got in our eyes this real “amazing” factor, that you won’t overlook. She has the right look, a strong face, promising skills in front of the camera and in addition an endless silhouette of 5′11.5 (183m. 75-61-87). Chloe comes from Sweden. She’s currently working with FM Models in London, Nisch Model Management in Sweden and 1st Option in Denmark and Cat Model Management in Berlin. Chloe is definitely a girl to watch. Make sure to check her single polaroids. And to keep an eye on her future in the modeling industry.


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Chloe at Berlin FW S/S 11 via http://modelsandstyle.wordpress.com/

She is edgy , she is different , she is fairylike,she can make it major and got a beautiful name : Its Chloe! Chloe is swedish and defnitely a girl to watch , already featured at Models.com and we are very excited to see what the september season has to offer for her . When we met her in Berlin , we took the chance to catch her amazing streestyle in a view snaps. A special feature will follow soon

more photos at models and style blog


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