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Shabnam Jaleh


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Shabnam Jaleh


Shabnam (a.k.a. Shab) was born in Tehran, Iran. Shab's family relocated to Madrid, Spain after the revolution before making the USA their permanent home in 1987. As a child, Shab gravitated towards music and dance and began performing songs and dances from her favorite Persian and American stars: Googoosh, Leila Forouhar, Madonna, Paula Abdul, and Janet Jackson. All throughout school, Shab began performing wherever there was a stage and choreographed for her choir and dance teams. Shab put off singing to attend a University, but still found her way to the stage. Shab became a prestegious choreographer on campus and put on her own shows highlighting her middle-eastern background. During college, Shab also made her way into the NBA and NFL as a professional dancer for 4 major teams including the San Fransisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Golden State Warriors, and Sacramento Kings.

Eventually, Shab followed her love for music and set her sites on recording her first album. She moved to Los Angeles where she joined high performance Pop/R&B group No Way Out (NWO) where she was the lead female singer among 2 male vocalists. In 2009, Shab left the group to pursue her solo career in Persian music where her heart ultimately fell. She produced and wrote a demo CD introducing her style of Pop/Disco/Persian which caught the attention of one of the best producers in Persian music, Mohammad Moghaddam. Moghaddam, has a long roster of working with all of Shab's childhood idols, and she feels very blessed that he is now mentoring her career. Shab's style brings a new sound to Persian music that is unique and her own.


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Link to the latest post on her blog:


My trip to NYC was busy, but fun. During Fashion Week, I was able to witness the much anticipated Spring 2011 collection from Chadwick Bell, a friend and fashion icon in the making. The inspiration of his collection was "the desert" inspired by a recent trip by photographer Gigi Stoll. This last look (pictured above) was a stunning burka inspired gown which transcends cultures & shares the beauty of desert life...and yet, the model was holding a [Catholic] rosary. And of course, I absolutely had to hit the streets of Broadway to train at the world famous Broadway Dance Center. I learned some new choreography from the best in the biz, and learned vocal techniques from coaches to Broadway shows' best performers. I'm getting back in the studio soon, so this training really got me inspired and ready to finish my album. boosetun mikonam -SJ


Me after rehearsal in Times Square.

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New post on her blog: http://shabnamjaleh.blogspot.com/

I just recently made a trip to LA to handle some music business, in my free time, I hit the streets of Beverly Hills to check out my favorite stores on Rodeo drive for an event that night. I fell in love with this Versace dress in the window (pictured above), which was tagged for almost $2000! But, I was lucky that I packed my $200 Plastic Island dress (pictured below), that looked almost exactly like the dress in the window! When you are funding your own album, every penny counts ;)



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