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Iris van Berne


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Source: Ross Shields, Fashiongonerogue.com

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Beauty section editorial "La Femme Forte" ("The Strong Woman") in Vogue Netherlands September 2012.

Text below the title: "Makeup from bygone times, heroic, tough and feminine at the same time. The colors are rust, copper, gold and red. The textures glossy, matte or powdery."

Photographer: Alique

Stylist: Jetteke van Lexmond

Hair: Ilham Mestour/A Models Amsterdam for Keune

Make-up: Suzanne Verberk/NCL Representation for M.A.C.

Production: Martlen Mellema

Model: Iris van Berne

Source: Visual Optimism (visualoptimism.blogspot.com)

post-3311-0-1446074878-67886_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446074878-70561_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446074878-74412_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446074878-75712_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446074878-84311_thumb.jpg

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