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Daphne Velghe


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Opening Ceremony
(October 2, 2013)
Meet the Model: Daphne

For our latest editorial, "MADE IN BELGIUM," OC buyers JESSE and CAROL dressed Belgian babe Daphne in the best of the country's Fall collections. After the shoot, we asked her to spill the goods on her motherland.
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Opening Ceremony
(October 2, 2013)
post-84480-0-1445997794-8307_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1445997794-84264_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1445997794-8558_thumb.jpg
post-84480-0-1445997794-86556_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1445997794-87841_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1445997794-90178_thumb.jpg
post-84480-0-1445997794-90935_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1445997794-92175_thumb.jpg post-84480-0-1445997794-93006_thumb.jpg
Photographer: Kava Gorna
Stylists: Carol Song and Jesse Hudnutt
Prop Stylist: Lauren Nikrooz
Lighting: Niels Alpert
Hair: Marki Shkreli
Makeup: Justine Purdue
Models: Daphne V @ The Society and Tino @ DNA


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S/S 2014 Collaboration
Max Snow & Vanessa Traina

In the continued spirit of collaboration and new approaches to the relationship between our industry and the talents we manage, The Society teams up with photographer Max Snow and stylist Vanessa Traina to create a distinct juxtaposition of art & fashion.
While Mr. Snow encases some of the most unique faces in his aesthetic, the purist vision and pared-down fashions of Ms. Traina lace this series with an acute awareness of detail and strength in beauty.
Embodying cinematic moments reminiscent of both film noir and contemporary advertising, Spring Summer 2014 brings along the combined vision of a photographer whose fashion is catching up with his art and a stylist whose name transcends her professional title.
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