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Zoe Kravitz


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Zoë Isabella Kravitz (born December 1, 1988) is an American actress and singer. She has appeared in the films The Brave One (2007) with Jodie Foster, and No Reservations (2007) with Catherine Zeta-Jones. She is the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet.

Kravitz was born in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Lenny Kravitz, a musician, and Lisa Bonet, an actress.

Her paternal grandmother, actress Roxie Roker, was a Black Bahamian American and a first cousin of Al Roker, and her maternal grandfather, Allen Bonet, is an African American. Kravitz's paternal grandfather, Sy Kravitz, and maternal grandmother, Arlene Litman, were both Jewish.

Kravitz attended Miami Country Day School in Miami, Florida, and then Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan, New York. She briefly attended the prestigious SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory, until her film career proved to be too hectic.

Kravitz made her feature film debut in No Reservations in 2007, directed by Scott Hicks, appearing alongside Catherine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhart. She also starred that year with Jodie Foster and Terrance Howard in the action thriller film The Brave One, directed by Neil Jordan. Kravitz completed work on both films during her final year at high school. She also appeared in Cree Summer's music video Savior Self.

Kravitz also gained media attention by appearing in magazines such as French Jalouse, Venus Zine and Elle. Because of her successful film career she is also known in European countries, including Sweden and Finland.

She appeared in Jay-Z's video for the single "I Know", and was also featured singing in "We Are The Ones", Will. i. am.'s online video in support of U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama. Kravitz co-stars in the independent drama, The Greatest, co-produced by Pierce Brosnan's Irish DreamTime Prods. and Silverwood Films. The cast of the film also includes Carey Mulligan, Michael Shannon, Aaron Johnson and Johnny Simmons. The film premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Kravitz fronts the Philadelphia band Elevator Fight. The band performed on the main stage of Philadelphia's Roots Picnic in June 2009, along with The Roots, TV On The Radio, and The Black Keys.[8] Kravitz finished the film Yelling to the Sky with Gabby Sidibe. She joined the cast of It's Kind of a Funny Story, a coming-of-age film written and directed by Anna Boden with Ryan Fleck, adapted from the 2006 novel by Ned Vizzini.Kravitz is also the face of Vera Wang's Princess fragrance, appearing on the website and in advertisements for the brand.

Kravitz will appear in Twelve (2010), directed by Joel Schumacher. Adaptated from the cult novel of the same name by Nick McDonell, the film tells the story of a group of wealthy and reckless teens from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, and 50 Cent also appear in the film, which premieres at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Kravitz had a relationship with actor Ben Foster in 2008. She has been dating musician Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT since November 2008 according to the New York Post








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''How To Make It In America'' Screening in NYC February 9, 2010

zoe_kravitz_how_to_make_it_in_america_screening_tikipeter_celebritycity_001.jpg zoe_kravitz_how_to_make_it_in_america_screening_tikipeter_celebritycity_002.jpg zoe_kravitz_how_to_make_it_in_america_screening_tikipeter_celebritycity_003.jpg

"Nine" New York Premiere, 15 Dec 2009

celebritycitykravitz01.jpg th_a7a99a63646348.gif/monthly_02_2010/post-19430-0-1614303151-12992_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="celebritycitykravitz03.jpg"> th_0cf1a163646357.gif/monthly_02_2010/post-19430-0-1614303151-14967_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="celebritycitykravitz05.jpg"> th_ff929963646371.gif/monthly_02_2010/post-19430-0-1614303151-1642_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="celebritycitykravitz08.jpg"> celebritycitykravitz09.jpg

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9th Annual Tribeca Film Festival - Chanel Dinner April 28, 2010

zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity001.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity002.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity003.jpg th_35370_zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity004_123_187lo.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity005.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity006.jpg th_35409_zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity007_123_508lo.jpg th_35427_zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity008_123_9lo.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity009.jpg th_35448_zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity010_123_48lo.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity011.jpg th_35504_zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity012_123_471lo.jpg th_35526_zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity013_123_639lo.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity014.jpg th_zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity015.jpg/monthly_05_2010/post-19430-0-1614303149-00197_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity016.jpg"> zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity017.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity018.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity019.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity020.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity021.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity022.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity023.jpg th_35689_zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity024_123_230lo.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity025.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity026.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity027.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity028.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity029.jpg zoekravitz9thannualtribecafilmfestival_chaneldinnertikipetercelebritycity030.jpg

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''American Woman - Fashioning A National Identity'' Met Gala in NYC May 3, 2010

hioninganationalidentitymetgalatikipetercelebritycity001.jpg hioninganationalidentitymetgalatikipetercelebritycity002.jpg th_ebada579065448.gif/monthly_05_2010/post-19430-0-1614303149-68709_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="hioninganationalidentitymetgalatikipetercelebritycity004.jpg"> 0730bc79065513.gif 2acbdf79065581.gif 2be4fb79065552.gif

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As the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, a love and admiration for the arts has always been amongst her main priorities and passions. This year Zoe is preparing to make her big screen debut in two films, both set for release in 2007. In No Reservations (July 2007), directed by Scott Hicks, she appears alongside Catherine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhart. She also set to star with Jodie Foster and Terrance Howard in the action thriller film The Brave One ( September 2007), directed by Neil Jordan. Kravitz completed work on both pictures during her final year at high school.

Zoe currently resides in New York City and was recently accepted to SUNY Purchase's Performing Arts program at which she begins classes in the fall 2007.

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shes got a deal with vera wang no? i saw her somewhere in mag, advertising that perfume that vanessa hudgens used to be the face of...forgot the name

she is so cute:) identical to lenny!

haha, i watch a video btw, where lenny talks about her, and he says that Zoe is extremely critical of his girlfriends and all the women he dates. and that he thought he'd be the one to kick her boyfriends around..lol..but its her who has the final word on his personal life! lmaoo

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