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Mathias Lauridsen


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Sorry getting older :blush:


Om kampanjen

Fotograf: Camilla Åkrans, LundLund

Stylist: Robert Rydberg, Link Details

AD: David Hägglund, Studio David Hägglund

Hår och make up: Fredrik Stambro, Agent Bauer

Modeller: Mathias Lauridsen, Scoop Models, Amanda Nørgaard, Scoop Models

Hägglunds första kampanj för Filippa KPublicerad igår, 16:19 14 kommentarer

Senaste av Peppen idag, 08:44

Det frilansteam, med Storåkers McCanns förra byråchef David Hägglund i spetsen, som tog över Filippa K från Le Bureau i vintras, har gjort sin första kampanj för klädmärket.

Läs mer

Filippa K dumpar Le Bureau


Tipsa Skriv ut Större text Digg Del.icio.us Facebook Twitter Det är Filippa K:s dam- och herrkollektion för hösten och vintern som nu lanseras med en printkampanj.

Bilderna är tagna i New York av Camilla Åkrans på LundLund. David Hägglund är ad.

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According to Faith ( Oh Danish boy) there will be some editorals in different magazines.

Mathias was not at the fashionweek but he is still working- good boy. :laugh:

I know, I know he is still working, for us who want to see him badly :evil: come on mathias :wave: :wave:

stay turned ! :whistle:

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hello there, and greetings from germany :D

most of the things i want to say, don't come easy in english, so i hope you understand it anyway.

wah *_* mathias is such a good-looking man, and getting more faboulous day by day. if mathias was a god, i would join the religion. xD ( and these words are coming from an atheist, of course)

well then, the last few years i spent my time looking for him (and did anybody know if he where in leipzig/germany last summer? i know, this is impossible, but i don't get it out of my mind - i thought i saw him in the city o.o - and no, i don't mean the gorgeous posters from the h&m campaign xD)

away from that - mathias does a perfect job, he's these kind of human, who get the talent to change hisself in different ways. never boring, but always new, different -- mathiasisch x) there are no words, which could tell, how perfect he is, with every facet he share to the world.

i give the shirt off one's back, if i could meet him someday :3 talking about his art-drawings, or his job, dreams, personal things - such stuff, he wouldn't tell in an interview eather way x).

and munichmarty - i share your fascination ;D mathias is at least the best model ever, and also an very interesting person. did you ever meet/ see him?

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WELCOME Calm Grace !

Grüße nach Leipzig !

Great idea we got Christians, Buddhists and now Mathiasists :laugh: .

Sorry , think Mathias was not in Leipzig last summer. there is no Leipzig fashion week? A shooting , think we would have got pics from it meanwhile.

I never met Mathias , sure he is happy about it. No , he is always very friendly with his fans.

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