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  1. Milan fashion week came and went.... WHERE IS MATHIAS?
  2. Where is this picture from? I don't remember seeing it before and its always nice to see him smiling. all his shoots are always serious!
  3. BUMP. Mathias is watching you... happy november everyone !
  4. i feel like bart grein looks like mathias just a bit . but uglier of course. . .
  5. Michael Kors makes Mathias look like a sexy beach goer ! and Yigal brings out the blues in his eyes . :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  6. so happy to see he is working so much, summer in the city has meant new works and new pics for us to see! yes i agree! hopefully its just a bit of what is to come!
  7. mathias will win of course ! but i cant help but like alex pettyfer You must be very brave to admit this here . I donĀ“t know Alex I only know he is an actor but never saw him. he has also done some modeling jobs. i appreciate all male models
  8. mathias will win of course ! but i cant help but like alex pettyfer
  9. saw this floating around tumblr nyfw mathias ? fancy.
  10. can we just all take a minute and appreciate this massimo picture ? and the lower east side sounds like a very good idea ! hopefully NYFW shows up something with mathias !
  11. OMG...OMG... Thank you so much Munichmarty, I can even breathe. :drool: :drool: Every time I watch him in that video I wonder why doesn't he act in movies :evil: I WANT TO MOVE TO NEW YORK IMMEDIATELY. <_<
  12. I just saw the september issue of GQ magazine and am here to report that MATHIAS holds a 4 page ad spot of the salvatore ferragamo campaign pictures are repost i cant help to stare at them. three black and white. one color cant seem to find the color picture i saw in the magazine
  13. oh oops apparently i am two pages behind in thread. well re post then
  14. has this been posted yet? Mathias Lauridsen by Mikael Jansson for Salvatore Ferragamo fall winter 11/12. an ad campaign means mathiassss is at work !
  15. i wonder if Peek & Cloppenburg have a catalog that i can order? i want new mathias pictures to hold ...or simply mathias will do. i do realize this is a mathias blog but i must note that francisco lachowski is extremely upcoming. to follow in the footsteps of mathias ? seems to be very popular
  16. yesterday i walked into h&m and was wowed to see mathias EVERYWHERE in all shapes and sizes. and then i looked in the H&m magazine and only find: one picture for the entire magazine i asked the shop lady what they do when its time change campaigns she said they put their names on the backs and take them home but she didnt know the model was mathias. what a lucky lady to take mathias home with her
  17. Two Years ago the H&M ads with Mathias were everywhere in Munich. europe knows how to appreciate mathias properly. one day.....
  18. oh mathias ! mathias ! new pictureesss! about time. i never see mathias ads in america. unfair to me.
  19. HI linnalu, welcome to the Mathias thread I can assure you that Mathias is not dating Abbey, this information comes from a very reliable source I'm sorry I can't tell you who he is dating right now but believe me it's not Abbey or any model. HE'S DATING ME ! :hell yea!: ....thats all i want for christmas. what are you guys wishing for?
  21. QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS: what is his favorite part of modeling? how long does he plan to continue modeling? what does he want to do after modeling? if he can every other job besides modeling what would it be? does he still read/finish the harry potter books? if so what would be his favorite? what does he love most about modeling? what his favorite photo shoot? who are his role models? does he have any advice for aspiring models? whats his favorite thing to eat and drink? if he could live anywhere in the world where would it be? if he got stuck on a deserted island what 3 things would he bring with him? if he had 3 wished and couldnt wish for anymore what would he wish for? WILL HE MARRY ME?
  22. oh my! MATHIAS & RUSSIA TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! his cheekbones are so beautiful in these pictures. excuse me i must just never stop drooling *looks for towel* and akefia ! i think im making that last picture my wallpaper! thanks.
  23. HELLO! its been so long! my computer was down for two months! i just finished checking all these amazing new pictures of mathias! the h&m campaign makes him look better than ever! has anyone else noticed that his posing has changed? its evolved. his arm has been more towards his face. a slight curve to the face. puts the attention on his face! and his hair. its amazing. mathias just made my day! thanks everybody for the pictures !
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