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why wont my drive read cd

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Goto "My Computer" (or use "My Computer" in Explorer) - right-click the CD Drive - select Properties/Autoplay tab" This box contains settings that tells Windows what to do depending on what it sees on the CD. You can make it react differently depending on whether the CD contains Music, Pictures, Video, or Mixed Content.

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Did you recently install the drive? Do you have 2 cd/dvd drives installed? Maybe a simple jumper problem.

When I first installed my two drives I had them on the same jumper, and only one drive would show up, but it couldn't read anything. So I fixed the jumpers and everything is right as rain. Though jumpers probably won't apply if you have never removed or installed a new drive.

Your jumper terminals are on the back of your cd/dvd drive, and look like a plug port. Usually 10 pins, you'll know it by the small plastic band around 2 of the pins.

Anyways, don't mess with 'em for now. But if you did just install a new drive with an existing one, that could be your problem.

Are you able to play discs at all or are you just not getting the usual auto-run when you insert a disc?

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no there not new there still the ones that i bought with the comp i have 2 dvd+-rw/cd-rw and dvd -rom i insert any cd or dvd and nothing will happen it doesnt even show up or sometimes it will work but if i put the movie in the dvd rom ill work i just dont understand why it does that it used to prompt me what i wanted to to everytime i inserted a cd and now doesnt do that neither

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