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Kateryna Fedorchuk

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First Name: Kateryna

Last Name: Fedorchuk

Nationality: Russian

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue /green

Height: 5'11" ; 178cm

Uno models, Women model management.


th_41922_50046_122_545lo.jpg th_42054_50047_122_777lo.jpg

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Kateryna with IQ Models ;)

It's been a real tragedy that Kateryna missed the whole show season due to very unfortunate circumstances with her visas, which she was not able to get in time...

Dear Katyusha! We wish you never had problems with your visas again! We love you and we want you to become a major star during the next show season! Lets keep on working on that, darling! We trust in you and we never had doubts that you can make your career BIG!

Anyway, life keeps on going in Kateryna's home town of Lutsk in Western Ukraine and in the meanwhile Kateryna gave a positive respond to the best glossy magazine over there. So here we go now: Kateryna is on the cover, being a good example for the next generation of young models from Lutsk and it's suburbs!

We want you to know, darling, that this cover is also a big deal! Sometimes such things, such stories of success as yours, with covers of local magazines as a result of far non as local breakthroughs, help make changes in other people's lifes! In better way, of course! So we're proud about you and about this cover, darling! That's why we issue it in our regular update, next to the cover of Elle Singapore with Sasha Vasilchenko!

Talk to you soon, Kateryna! Big hug! And please tell our kind regards to Marina, which did a lot to make this cover happen!

Photographer: Irina Melnik

souce: iqmodels.ru


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She's super gorgeous. She has already a book with a couple of pictures. Wonderful this girl. She had been in Japan in May and worked successful there, first eds were already in the magazines :flower:

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