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Asia Pulco


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I cant believe there isnt a thread about her already  :o


i feel your pain :laugh:

i thought the same thing about shalom harlow, shannon van der knaap, cindy crawford (b4 marnoop made her thread)

so trust me, i feel ya...i'll def try to contribute here as well...i dont like models' threads going completely untouched...there are lots of pretty women out there not getting attention around here. lets try and stop that! :laugh:

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Born: (you tell us ...)

Where: Poland

Height: 181 cm

Bust: 84 cm

Waist: 58 cm

Hips: 89 cm


I cant believe there isnt a thread about her already :o

Born- 1986. Same yr as me n so freaky- nearly exactly same measurements except, i'm 0.5 cm taller! [181.5cm]

but she is stuuuhning.

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